College students should pay for all their tuition fees

This composition was written for IELTS Writing Task2 by Zhipeng Cai.Please give me a feedback if  it is helpful.(Yeasiz [at] gmail dot com)
Some people say college students should pay for all their tuition fees.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that college students should be responsible for the full tuition of college students.They hold the view that college students will become flowers for our country contribution.This argument is true to some degree.For my part,I absolutely agree with the former point of view.This view is based on the propensity of following points.

The first and important reason is that university camps doest’t just like society system.You have became adult while you past the first step into university.You are no longer covered by your parents or your teachers.There are nobody will care about you and you must learn that how you could survive in the society.Before that,you have to make some money by you own so that you can make much responsible contribution to the society.

Another factor that we must consider is that most of college students will get in to society and look for a job after their studies.But there are not so many companies will accept a student without experience.So that if they have made money before their graduation.They will get a job easier than students without experience.

From the above point of views.I hold the opinion that college students should pay for the full tuition fees.It can guarantee the quality of higher education.moreover,it is a reasonable practice.(212 words)


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